Our wellness checks are carefully coordinated with your doctor to give a comprehensive assessment of your overall well being. These advanced evaluations empower you to understand your health intricacies, providing insights for early indicators and personalised plans tailored to your unique needs.
Our Haven Medical advanced wellness check includes
30 minute pre-assessment
Body Composition
Blood Analysis (+50 biomarkers)
Cardiovascular Assessment
FIT testing
60 Minute Review &
Consultation with GP
Extra services
that’s there
when you need it
Convenient same day appointments.
Extensive and advanced blood analysis including over 50 biomarkers in our standard HM wellbeing check
Full blood count
Urea and electrolytes
Kidney function (eGFR)
Liver function tests
Calcium and bone profiles
Iron status
Thyroid function
Vitamin D
HbA1c and blood glucose
Folate and vitamin B12
Includes vital information about the function of the bone marrow in blood cell production, immune response. A full blood count will diagnose anaemia, a common cause of fatigue.
Cardiovascular assessment
FIT testing
Body composition using bioimpedance
Wellness checks
We know that prevention is better than cure. We take into consideration the most important areas of our patients health and together with the latest technology develop a personalised wellness plan to help them become their stronger, fitter self. Our membership packages are designed for patients dedicated to preventative healthcare, for families looking for year-round peace of mind and support and for anyone looking to financially spread the cost of private healthcare.
For men and women over 40 we will offer extra biomarkers to include
Male hormone profile
PSA blood testing
Female hormone testing
Transparent pricing at
every stage of your care
Full range of integrated specialisms
Further optional extras are available to make
our wellbeing checks truly bespoke
Allergy testing
• Extensive allergy screening including over 90 different food types and over 50 potential inhaled allergens.
Nutritional assessment
We know that mineral deficiencies can develop over many years and even marginally deficient diets can have significant impacts on health risks.